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  Data Ventures’ iDV Effectiveness Suite is comprised of Promotion Decomposition, Brand / Package Switching, and our custom Trade Promotion Planning applications.  
The Effectiveness Suite uses POS/Scan and Loyalty data to gain understanding of shopper behavior before, during and after promotional events.  This analytical pathway helps our clients make actionable decisions to optimize promotions, improve effectiveness, and increase sales and ROI.
Promotion Decomposition

Not all promotions are effective in driving incremental sales, units, and profits for manufacturers and retailers. Two important negative impacts to understand are the effects of time-shifting of consumer purchases and product portfolio cannibalization.  

Time-shifting can occur when customers adjust their purchase cycle to take advantage of promotions, modifying consumer behavior to only buy the product on-promotion and/or pantry-load during promotions to eliminate the need to buy the product at a normal base price level.  
  High frequency and repetition of promotions and price points can also lead to cannibalization of other products within the portfolio and the category.  Consumers purchasing the promoted item instead of a non-promoted product can negatively affect the promoting company as well as the rest of the category.

Data Ventures’ Promotion Decomposition solution can identify the truly effective promotions at the item, brand, supplier, and category levels to determine which promotions are beneficial for both the manufacturer and retailer.  For each evaluated promotional event, Data Ventures quantifies the true unit and dollar impact of time-shifting and cannibalization based on POS/scan and shopper data. 

This analysis can be conducted on simple sales data, or all respective promotional costs can be incorporated to deliver the perspective on incremental profit for both the manufacturer and retailer.

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