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  Data Ventures helps retailers and manufacturers of consumer packaged goods gain shopper-driven insight with big data.  
Utilizing our advanced Software-as-a-Service platform against POS/Scan and Loyalty Card data, Data Ventures is able to perform highly insightful analytics based on shopper demand signals.  We provide much greater opportunities to improve actions and results around: in-store merchandising, effective pricing, trade promotion effectiveness and optimization, analyses of targeted marketing spend, and evaluation of new product performance.
iDV Using iDV and subscription implementation, our clients can take a leap forward in their analytical functionality.
The iDV platform is the web-based portal in which access to all of Data Ventures’ analytics is enabled via the cloud.  Our iDV platform is accessible 24/7, allowing for all areas of the organization to use a single enterprise solution for their analytic needs.  

Rather than being a set of canned reports or presentations, our clients now have ultimate flexibility with ability to interact with the data.  Using a robust BI engine, users can utilize measures, tables and graphs to gain insights into the problems they are trying to solve.
  As a result of iDV and subscription implementation, our clients can take a leap forward in their analytical functionality. Instead of prolonged IT implementations, Data Ventures’ clients are able to deploy specific solutions that quickly address their immediate business needs.  

Clients can incrementally expand into other solutions on iDV as their organizational and analytical capabilities increase. This in turn will generate incremental return on investment.
Clients are able to access the following solutions via the cloud through iDV:
iDV Efficiencies Suite
iDV Efficiencies Suite
Data Ventures’ iDV Efficiencies Suite is typically the first step for customers new to Data Ventures’ analytics; the basis for more advanced analytics.
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iDV Effectiveness Suite
iDV Effectiveness Suite
Data Ventures’ iDV Effectiveness Suite is comprised of Promotion Decomposition, Brand / Package Switching, and custom applications.
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iDV Shopper Analytics Suite
iDV Shopper Analytics Suite
The applications within Data Ventures’ Shopper Analytics Suite are solutions to analyze shopper behavior to drive sales and increase revenue.
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iDV Product Analytics Suite
iDV Product Analytics Suite
Data Ventures’ iDV Product Analytics Suite of products are intended to analyze shopper behavior on specific items.
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iDV Solutions
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    Effectiveness Suite
    Shopper Analytics Suite
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