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  Data Ventures’ iDV Efficiencies Suite is typically the first step for customers new to Data Ventures’ analytics.  
For consumer-packaged goods manufacturers and retailers, these applications will help identify the appropriate and most effective steps to remove inefficiencies.  The focus here is on improving in-stock availability, optimizing assortment, and space optimization.  This Suite is designed to increase revenue and reduce working capital needs for our clients.
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Out-of-Stock is a significant problem in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry.
OOS     Global Out-of-Stock rates are estimated at 8.3%, a $30 billion opportunity.  Data Ventures’ Out-of-“Shelf” (OOS) solution is an award winning and patented application which substantially improves in-stock availability.  Unlike other out-of-stock methodologies that rely on highly unreliable store audits, surveys or "perpetual inventory" data, Data Ventures identifies and quantifies Out-of-Shelf issues based on predictive sales modeling using POS/Scan data.  

Data Ventures’ Out-of-Shelf solution takes an advanced statistical approach to mathematically understanding when, where, and which products have lost sales due to planogram, merchandising and inventory issues in-store.  Once visibility to the items / stores / dates which are suffering from out-of-shelf conditions are identified and quantified, corrective merchandising action can be taken.   Data Ventures’ OOS solution was validated across four major U.S. grocery retailers using independent auditors, and our ability to accurately determine specific item out-of-shelf conditions reached 92% after the fourth Retailer test.  

Clients who have implemented Data Ventures’ OOS solution and recommendations in merchandising have experienced on-shelf availability improvements of more than +2.5 pts and increased total store sales of 3% or higher.  In the process, one manufacturer regained lost revenues of $374,000 in nine months for just one retail chain.

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